Solo, day #01 17-07-22

PoD – Aveiras’ PCR – Santarém PCR – Abrantes PCR – Serra Shopping Covilhã – Parador de Salamanca Dc – Tordesillas Sc (still off) – Burgos Sc – Bayonne Sc – Biarritz, 989.7 km. A long leg, a leg alone, done. Thanks EM for  the Supercharger network. Spain is almost a pain…

@Tordesillas, not yet
@Burgos, the invisible Teslas, I’m not alone?
@Bayonne, S P85+ N, S 85D P, X 90D UK, S 85 NL
@Biarritz, “Eu, do Nada”, the Nada (Nothing) place and book travelling Europe
@Biarritz from PoD, 989.7 km for day #01

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