31 the magic number

Sunday 22 October 2017 we gathered 31 Tesla cars. A new record. The video is being done. Two drones filming, people all over, fantastic feelings from everyone, it was a blast!

A preview from the sky, the final video to be released soon 😉

Portuguese, for a meeting of Portuguese Tesla owners


A 8 de Maio de 2016 juntámos 22 Teslas para pedirmos um Service Center para Portugal. O Elon Musk disse OK passados 4 dias. Esse dia da abertura do Service Center está a chegar, teremos finalmente um Service Center próprio da Tesla em Portugal. Queremos agradecer e convidá-lo a vir cá para a inauguração e abertura do Service Center. A mesma equipa do vídeo original está a preparar uma nova mensagem e precisamos de juntar o maior número possível de Teslas. Domingo dia 22 de Outubro às 15:30 h precisamos de todos neste ponto de encontro com coordenadas 38.794953, -9.092149 https://goo.gl/CtVEvp

Single 1 phase to 3 phase plug converter

Someone just asked for the pinout of the 1phase to 3phase converter, useful when charging in places where the conventional plug is the only option. So here it is: very simple to do, just follow the pinout taking into account that Brown is L1 phase and Blue is Neutral. On the Schuko side it doesn’t matter provided your charger is OK with it either way. If your charger, like the Tesla UMC, is sensitive to the L1 being in the right place just unplug the schuko and plug it again turning it 180°, easy. The pictures follow next.

Wallbox.OK charger
This is my main charger, robust and goes up to 22 kW, also able to charge single phase
The 1phase to 3phase converter is just a plug converter where only 1 phase will be used, there’s no miracle and in this context there’s no way a 1 phase system is usable as a full 3 phase system
The connections, Brown to L1, Blue to N, it goes without saying that green yellow goes to the Earth pin
Protect the wire with a “sleeve”, it avoids damaging the connection and increases contact
From the schuko side I marked the L1 (F as for Fase = Phase – Portuguese) and the Neutral, but this charger works well with any position for the phase; some chargers refuse to charge, just unplug and plug again “reversing” 180° the schuko

Tesla, the husbands and the wifes

@Bordeaux supercharger, talking to a UK couple, the wife tells me:

– During a Tesla meeting in London, some women, several men, I told the European Tesla guy: we loose the husband before the buy, during the buy and after the buy, you should do something to involve the wifes!

I know at least another wife that agrees 100% with this statement, mine 😉 😉

@Bordeaux; the dark Model S was Elon Musk’s car while in the UK


Our German voyage Lisbon-Germany-Lisbon: 11027 km

Out: 22 Jully 7:30 h.
Return: 18 August 23:00 h.
Total km: 11027 km.
Average consumption: 182 Wh/km.
Average km per day: 393.8 km/dia.
Max km in one day, on 22 July: 989.7 km.
Km the return day, 18 August: ~744 km.
Km with a full charge running away from wild fires in Mação & Gavião, 18 August: 321 km, at ~100% charge, arrival with 38%.
Consumption for the 321 km: 46.4 kWh.
Total usable battery for this consumption: ~74.8 kW.
Total battery plus buffer: ~78.8 kWh.
Total battery from TM-Spy & SCAN my Tesla: 79.3 kWh.

At arrival

Last supercharger used, 18 August 11:14 h: Tordesillas, I was told I was the first to charge there, it was connected on the 17, by that time it did not show up yet in the car system.

Tordesillas supercharger

Solo, day #03 17-07-24

Orleans, Orleans Sc, Aire de Chateauxvillain Sc – Vale Marnay Orge Sc, Val-de-Meuse SC (16 stalls), Beaune Sc (12 stalls), km driven today: 547 km.

Orleans cathedral
Choose one of 16 available stalls; and there’s the place for expanding to 16 more, 32 total. Is it enough? 🙂
Beaune Sc 12 stalls + 1 slooow charger

Solo, day #02 17-07-23

Biarritz – Bayonne Sc – Bordeaux Sc – Brive-la-Gaillarde Sc – Châteauroux Sc – Orléans (Sud), 778 km.

@Bordeaux Sc, taking a picture I didn’t realize this beauty was arriving behind me, I know pedestrians sometimes get scared when the silent car passes by, this was the first time the other way around!
@Brive-la-Gaillard Sc, in onde minute another S will arrive. That/one in the picture is a 60D (a software limited 75), no fog lamps package
@Châteauroux Sc, in the middle of nowhere, it’s there, but it’s a scare
@Orléans Sud after a 778 km long 2nd day drive

Solo, day #01 17-07-22

PoD – Aveiras’ PCR – Santarém PCR – Abrantes PCR – Serra Shopping Covilhã – Parador de Salamanca Dc – Tordesillas Sc (still off) – Burgos Sc – Bayonne Sc – Biarritz, 989.7 km. A long leg, a leg alone, done. Thanks EM for  the Supercharger network. Spain is almost a pain…

@Tordesillas, not yet
@Burgos, the invisible Teslas, I’m not alone?
@Bayonne, S P85+ N, S 85D P, X 90D UK, S 85 NL
@Biarritz, “Eu, do Nada”, the Nada (Nothing) place and book travelling Europe
@Biarritz from PoD, 989.7 km for day #01

Stress? What stress?!

Driving with family can be fun. Driving with family in the Model S can be funnier. Or slower. Specially if your wife stresses on the charge % and every single stop is the time to wait for a battery topped…

Stress? What stress?! No stress when the goal is the magic number 9, followed by a zero and the symbol %: 90%.

90% and unstressed happiness happens


History being made today. It seems so far away, when all spoke on the bright future to say “These are the cars for the future today”, and suddenly the future faded away, EVs crushed in pain, it was yesterday, when Volvo had the C30 EV, three hundred of them, Michelin had its own brilliant EV R&D, and for what? For nothing from all of them, hurey!

But today, history is being made today: the first Tesla Model 3 is being assembled in the factory pipeline today. The revolution is on its way.

The 3, the future is here, very soon on the roads, by the 28th, the day