Minor things – big things

For minor things to be retouched, like the front window passenger adjustment to reduce wind noise at 130 km/h, the Model S 85D went to the local Tesla service shop. The practice is to have a loaner / rent while the S is in. This time I got an Audi A5 diesel with a manual gearbox.

Being again inside a traditional car set me back to the old ages where big things come into play: lots and lots of buttons, dials, gauges, switches and diverse displays and audio & visual forms of information feedback. So many that one asks himself “how on earth is this possible?” This diversity – so variegated in form and content – becomes literally a form of information noise, being too many / too much. The screen behind the driving wheel has its own visual language. The buttons and the dials in the driving wheel have their own visual language and mode of operation, different from the rest of the interface and interaction processes of the car. The navigation screen has its own visual language and, not being touch sensitive, it has an interface of its own elsewhere in the car. The central console with the AC has its own set of buttons and dials again with yet another visual language and operation mode. Around the gearbox another set of dials and buttons, with another visual language and significance, this time they control the central console screen menus and options. Some modes of operation seem incompatible with other working modes: pressing the audio scroll wheel in the driving wheel to un-mute the Radio sound got a “not possible at this time” message. Why? Because the radio was not engaged in the first place by pressing yet another independent button positioned near the gearbox stick. Couldn’t understand why. Let’s talk about feedback sounds: whistles and bells and whatnots of all kinds and sorts.

Overall a nightmare experience, returning to the worst past for the couple of days the S stayed in for adjustments to play.



When after leaving home with the tires at 45 psi – the recommended tire pressure for the S with 19″ wheels -, you drive at 130 km/h for 45 km and arrive to the destination with the tires at 50 psi and the guy at the reception tells you “You have your tires’ pressure too high” SOMETHING IS WRONG and I definitely can assure you it’s not the car, nor the tpms, nor the tires, nor the pressure values, nor me.

One would expect that a car receptionist would know something about tires’ pressure and its dynamics. For this line of work it’s the bare minimum.


The Tesla Model S is doing an Over The Air (OTA) update right now. In a few minutes I’ll confirm the new software version. It must be the new much anticipated navigation maps and features, faster and more precise, in anticipation for the future release of the autonomous driving (AD) software. This Model S has the AP1 Autopilot version 1, which means that AD will not be supported. But navigation, routing and AP1 is expected to be improved.

The update started around 5:06 AM. Staying nearby a Tesla doing an update is a bit freaky: the car does strange noises; clacks, clincks, ziiiins, zoooons and zuuuuns can be heard; the doors unlock and lock; the lights go on and off. I suspect that, when not present, the car knows it’s alone and dances to the rhythm of an electronic version of salsa music. Some say the car has a life of its own. I tend to concur.

Before, the current version prior to the update
After. Maps seem faster. Route calculation seems also faster. And light from 0 to 100% at the MCU and speedometer seems brighter.

Smoking (not news)

Just heard:

– Please, Sir, don’t smoke because of electricity…

It was at a Fast Charger station for electric car charging. OK. Stop the press. I’m really not in favor of smoking. For a number of reasons. It’s not a secret it’s bad for your health. Smoking at a gas station is forbidden because of fire azards. It’s not as if the same law and physic’s principles apply to the EV charging station. It doesn’t. So, when an American person says this phrase at an EV charging station, what should one conclude? Ignoramus, it’s the least. Know it all, is the second. IMHO.

Hellas it seems the 3 will not make it to our household

Suddenly you realise that the 3 just might not make it to our house… Yesterday, while going to visit family, the talk along the way was on the 3 arriving by the end of the year or, most probably, in the beginning of next year. By the tone of the conversation I just completed the line of thought saying:
– May be you aren’t enough into it and should not buy the 3. Don’t buy the 3.
– What will you do with the 3 reservation, move it to the Y?
– I think it’s not possible, most probably it will be a new reservation process. I’ll cancel it, receive the money, and when the time comes I’ll get the Y.
– Don’t cancel it yet, we will see, may be I’ll change my mind.

Waiting commences for the eye to see, if the reservation holds for the Tesla 3.

Today, to walk the walk

Today, as in “talk the talk and walk the walk”.

Since August 18th 2017, when I was the first to charge at Tesla Supercharger Tordesillas returning from a trip to Germany (28 days and 11 thousand km), I realized may be it could be done: to find the future to be built superchargers in Portugal before they where open, live, and document their building up, construction. And, when going live, to be the first to charge there.

Fatima supercharger was born. Made it.

Montemor supercharger was born. Made it also.

Some other superchargers are being started as we speak 🙂 and I’ve been able, with some luck, some work, some hard work, some ingenuity, some pure brain linear reasoning and (some/quite) a bit of driving, I’ve been able to get there, to the places, sometimes with work not yet started on site. Yes, that early.

Today it was a different day, a relaxing driving and touring pleasant day. No “Tesla scouting”. From our place to Borba and back, with friends, supercharging at Montemor, having lunch at a nice place, relaxing and visiting. A different day. A fun day, walking the talk.

Showing friends the Tesla easy way of driving electric

Burst, the anti-Tesla bursts

It’s amazingly entertaining to read the anti Tesla bursts that come to the surface each time Tesla presents a new product. Now, just after the semi truck and the next generation roadster reveal, the Web is inundated with the most horrible prognosis and descriptions on Tesla’s downfall: now it’s the horrendous amount of money Tesla is burning by the minute, or the impossible business model that will never work, or the cars that Tesla promises that aren’t delivered, or the quality issues that aren’t solved, all and everything is used and thrown against all Tesla lovers, fans, owners.

The best part? When so called Tesla fans repeat and share everywhere add nausea the same catastrophic headlines with the word Tesla in it associated to bombastic adjectives and near future for sure Tesla’s death. When you start asking for objective factual information they all bable the same adjectives and death certainties until they dry and runaway. I call them the “snail eyes” people: they recoil, to surface again in the next new Tesla product reveal.

Traversing Spain & today

Its funny reading today’s descriptions of people going to, or returning from, France or Germany with their Teslas… “How difficult it is”, and “How adventurous it is”… Pleeeease… With Tordesillas and Burgos? And now Rivabellosa?! Give me a break…

Try doing the Spain traversing with no Superchargers. No Burgos, no Tordesillas. The Museo De La Evolución Humana De Burgos was a lifesaver. The three phase plugs 22 kW (no Destination Chargers!) @Parador de Salamanca was an oasis. The parking @Serra Shopping, Covilha, was an absolute must.

Thank you Tesla, today Spain is not anymore a pain.

Today’s superchargers panorama is well advanced and Portugal is being introduced in the superchargers network, the future is bright

First Tesla supercharger in Portugal

The 26 of October they started construction. Today it is like the photo shows, taken yesterday. Yours truly managed to follow the construction process not from the start but close enough. This find was a great joint effort from lots of people with a great deal of help from UVE, the Electric Vehicle Users Association.

A video here and the physical place https://goo.gl/maps/1G57CL1VARS2

To Tesla my and our thank you for this supercharger!

There were no physical barriers and I could not resist to use 5 seconds to park the car: the first Tesla car at the first Tesla supercharger in Portugal 😉