1st Model X test drive

Just test drove this X 90D. This was great! With Susan McHenry, the Tesla Metropolitan Houston Sales Manager, the same person that advised us for the Model S last year! My wife loved it! My first impressions of this drive in the next post 🙂



For the X test drive. Sort of. Going vacationing, might as well use some quality time for the X test drive 🙂 We will see… The short time notice might have been too short to guarantee a test drive. Probably, at least, pictures in a Store.


400 + km driven today

To see the new chargers. They work with the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter.

Yes, I drove 427 km on purpose to see the new CHAdeMO chargers. During the drive, as usual, I did some demo and talks to people asking questions on the Tesla Model S.

The chargers are, for now, in Palmela, Aljustrel and Loulé. Went to Palmela and was able to charge there. Aljustrel was another story: it has to wait for the official opening. Did not go to Loulé since didn’t charge at Aljustrel. Anyway, 427 km: not bad to visit some chargers 🙂


1st Tesla @Aljustrel charger N-S

CHAdeMO adapter conneceted to the car, did not connect to charger, did not charge 😦 sign says “out of service” and IT IS FALSE, IT WORKS

The sign, again with scotch tape, says “fora de serviço”, out of service, and it is false: it is connected, live, it works. I could even make it work with the sign on. Decided not to. But in reality the sign does not say disconnected or forbidden to use, get my drift?

Aljustrel S-N is in the works:

Being completed, may be to also be put “fora de serviço” with scotch tape

1st Tesla @Palmela charger

First Tesla here 🙂 11:00 h now

The sign, glued with scotch tape, says “Fora de serviço”, out of service. Here the sign was lifted, they were kind enough to let me charge. I was told by a local worker that “It will open officially tomorrow, can not tell you the hours”. YMMV, your info may vary. It might open. It might not open.

How about Aljustrel? “It is disconnected.” Well… It’s not! Next post.

A Tesla in the yard

I’m redoing the charging infrastructure, including upgrading the wiring, from 4 mm2 to 6 mm2 in section.

Yesterday, passing by Leroy Merlin, I asked for wire with section of 6 mm2 (I was almost positive they did not have it but asked anyway, it would have saved me another stop to get the wire). Dialog with the clerk:

– Do you have copper wire with three conductors with section of six square millimeters? (Pt: seis milímetros quadrados de secção)

He starts looking for it and says: – Well, I think that we don’t have square wire… (he fixated himself in the word “square” quadrados, and nothing else mattered to him).

I asked again, reinforcing SECTION and the 6 mm2 section I need… He repeats that he does not have square wire. I gave up.

The car is parked outside, so that I can lay the 6 mm2 new wire I got elsewhere, not at Leroy Merlin, thank goodness.


Redoing, the Engineer’s mood

I’m redoing my home charging installation. After the successful three phase 3×20 A installation done elsewhere for 66 km/h charge (I wish it was mine!), I started to think “Why can’t I be able to use my full/all Amps contract?”

I have a 30 A contract. Until now I was able to squeeze up to 20 A max. If I changed the wires to the garage I would be able to get the 30 A. But that’s a risky business, to take away the old wires and insert new ones for the 30 A rate. I know how to do it. I know it can go smoothly, and it can go pretty bad. And when it comes to Murphy’s law, I tend to bet on the success of the bad result WHEN the risk involved is too much. So, changing the wires is not an option, at least for now.

After some considerations and analysis, a different solution was found: I have another circuit going along the garage circuit, the washing machine circuit. It’s the same as the garage circuit, and the same length. First tests were OK. Then I presented the solution to my colleague PSantana: the thinking aloud method works 🙂 it’s not only to be taught, it really pays of when you do it yourself 🙂  It turns out a permanent parallel connection of the two circuits might not be a bad idea INSTEAD of changing the wires.

After some backtrack thinking I remember the first time I heard about this parallel business! Nuno showed me a portable circuit he did for parallel wiring!

Test with 29 A charging for half an hour: working flawlessly, using a parallel installation of two 16 A circuits; the 32 A shown is not active, it’s the charger’s upper limit

Alexmol suggested a 40 A 30 mA differential breaker, just in case. What I did not tell him: during the test, that breaker, if already installed, would have saved me a short yet close encounter of the third kind  🙂

For years and years I’ve worked with 230 V and always avoided a short thru me 🙂 During the test phase I was so involved with the proper connections that I forgot that one of the wires was live! Not a big deal: a small reminder that it pays to be cautious and attentive 🙂

So, now, the final installation commences. Wish me luck!