Tips on how to take your Tesla to Portugal, vacations in Portugal

It’s that time of the year when planning surfaces, “Where can I take my Tesla (S / X) for vacation time?”. From my experience? Anywhere. Some places might take a bit of planning, but not too much. Taking the Tesla to Portugal is getting easier each passing day. I wrote a series of posts, from 1 to 6, detailing the info. What I wrote is from my own experience. It works.

The local charging network, even without superchargers for now, works fine with Tesla cars and the chademo adapter: Portugal has now a North to South 50 kW fast charging coverage, spaced between 40 to 100 km; paired with the electromaps App, this network is very Tesla usable.

The local network is now updated with several chademo chargers, electromaps helps with the locations and status

If you just want to use superchargers obviously they aren’t here yet, this is not yet your territory to be explored. If you are used to connect your chademo adaptor, here you’ll find fast chargers very happy to charge you. Bon voyage!

Portugal Part 1 how to get here
Portugal Part 2 charging around here
Portugal Part 3 using the local chademo chargers
Portugal Part 4 surfing the local charging Web
Portugal Part 5 same network but not for you
Portugal Part 6 superchargers