Tesla Model X, after our 1st test drive

Me and the wife, we tested a Model X 90D with 7 seats, 2+3+2. I’m writing the result of our thoughts after our 1st test drive of the Model X.

For anyone coming from a conventional SUV this is a great car: powerful, silent and spacious. We have a Tesla Model S 85D and a Subaru Forester AWD. Previously we have tested the Model S P85+ with Insane, the S P90D with Ludicrous and a S 85D. Driving almost everyday 100 km on our Model S 85D makes us feel the power, enjoyment and Tesla grin on a permanent basis: the 85D is fast, not as fast as a P85 or P90D (with or without Insane or Ludicrous), but it’s pretty fast…

Why this long introduction? Because this is the background we have for the next info on the Tesla Model X 90D:

  1. Space: the passengers have plenty of room; the frunk is larger then the S’s frunk; with the 7 seats being used there isn’t much space in the “trunk”, even if you add the extra space under the floor; for more room in the trunk you fold the third row pretty flat; it means you either have 7 people and few luggage or 5 people and more luggage, that is normal I guess.
  2. Acceleration from stop: The X 90D doesn’t feel as powerful as an S 85D, it feels slow, you have to try it, we get better response and much faster full throttle starts with the S 85D; this is because the X is heavier than the S; in normal driving it’s more than OK and compared with a traditional SUV it’s much much better.
  3. Range: being heavier means less range than the S.
  4. The falcon wing doors: it depends on your personal taste, some people love it, some dislike it, it really is an unconventional solution and they do facilitate the access to the 2nd & 3rd rows.
  5. The large windshield: didn’t notice it, really; may be because the test drive was not a very long one; did we feel extra heat because of the large glass surface? Not really, the AC works very well and I guess the glass must be “anti heat” like the one in the S. Have to really check this in the next test drive.
  6. Driving eight: it’s higher than in the S, definitely, but it didn’t feel that much higher; the Forester is low compared to other SUVs and I think the Forester is higher than the X, I can check this from the specs but it felt not that higher.
  7. Normal driving: as good as the S.
  8. Weight: you don’t feel it in normal driving, except in hard accelerations if you are S experienced.
  9. Overall tasting: for us the S is better but if you need a people carrier the X is your choice, it can even tow – if you can live with the charging access when towing or the reduced range depending on what you are towing.
  10. Big families will love the X. For us that’s in the past. Usable range is a core concern to us. We had an X reservation that we changed to the S, we got the car much sooner and cheaper. The S was really our best choice.

We found a gentleman charging his brand-new X at a supercharger. Asked his opinion. Specially on the acceleration. His testimony: “I have both, the S and the X. You need to be all the time in Ludicrous for the X to be almost as good as de S. In the beginning I would prefer driving the S all the time. Now I like the X better, I drive it 70% of the time.” He didn’t explain why 🙂 Somethings you just let the heart decide 🙂 For us the heart says, for now, our Tesla Model S 85D 🙂 

If you have any particular question on the X that you would like being addressed, just ask in a comment bellow, and we’ll try to test it or get the answer to it in our next test drive 🙂

Yes, that’s the falcon wing door 🙂

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