2nd Model X test drive – edited


  1. Better door rangers, the S has none
  2. Higher drive position, this time I really noticed
  3. The big windshield, under high heat and light, might be problematic for some, I found it OK, almost unnoticeable – just use the AC
  4. Temperature: outside air temperature was 42° Centigrade (yes, forty two degrees Centigrade), inside the X we were 5 people with AC at 20° Centigrade and it was fine, very fine
  5. The tested version, 6 seats, P90D ludicrous: amazing
  6. The ludicrous acceleration: well, ludicrous, and GREAT, even with 5 people on board
  7. Consumption: way too high, the weight pays its toll
  8. Doors: engineering, time will tell its reliability
  9. Overall: you have to love it
  10. Final: in Ludicrous it’s very loveable
Photo of the White Model X in the store, driver’s and passenger’s doors have ranging slots
IMG_20160812_172105 - copy.jpg
The best test drive ever, so much fun with the right people 🙂

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